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New “Anti-Capitalist” Cafe In Toronto Shows Why Capitalism Is Awesome

Actions speak louder than words. Most of us look for the cheapest items and we want them as quickly as possible. Capitalism is the best model that reflects consumer desires, it's about consumer freedom. It is consumers, not owners and managers, who ultimately decide how businesses are run.

Gabriel Sims-Fewer, the owner of the business said,

I hope by openly declaring the business as anti-capitalist I can motivate people to think and ask about what that means, I knew the world was full of radical progressives, and hoping to meet more of them was one motivation for doing what I'm doing. I didn't anticipate so much enthusiasm every day so early on," he said.

In response, Patrick Carroll writing for Fee Stories,

The irony here is, of course, hard to miss. Here we have an entrepreneur starting a business, presumably with the intention of turning a profit, all in the name of sticking it to capitalism? The irony gets worse, actually, because this is also a classic example of the great capitalist mantra that “the market always provides.” You want cars? The market will provide. You want fake wrestling? The market will provide. You want explicitly anti-market cafes? Yep, the market provides that too, apparently. So, far from highlighting capitalism’s defects, this enterprise is actually serving to highlight its strengths.

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