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Most People Who Say Trans Women Are Women Are Just Being Polite

Around the View

Politeness, agreeableness, not wanting to deal with the hassle of confrontation, and wanting to be kind are extremely powerful emotions.

Regardless of what your views are on transgenderism and how they compete in sports. Let’s be honest most people don’t think transwomen are fully women or that trans men are fully men. For most, biological differences will always be the most important factor in determining both sex and gender.

Let's go through a thought experiment. Imagine a man meets a woman, she’s perfect in every way, great personality, respectful, laughs at his jokes, and looks great. She’s everything he wants. He’s falling in love, and they are about to consummate their feelings for the first time. At that point, he finds out that she used to be a man, ask yourself what do you think is the percentage of men, even including those that believe trans women are real women would not instantly lose attraction, pull back, and break off any romantic connections? I would imagine that most would. Even if this scenario is flipped in that the woman meets a man and it turns out he used to be a woman, the answer would likely be the same. The reason for this is that trans individuals will never be fully seen as the sex or gender they've identified at.

There’s research that supports this view. A study published by Sage journal in 2018 supports this notion, Researchers Karen L. Blair and Rhea Ashley Hoskin asked a pool of 958 participants about hypothetical “dating partners.”

The Canadian researchers asked the participants to check off if they would consider dating “a cisgender woman,” “a cisgender man,” “a transgender woman,” “a transgender man” and “a person with a non-binary gender identification.” In a response that should surprise no one, most people would refuse the idea of dating someone who is transgender.

“Our results indicated that 87.5% of the participants who were asked this very question only checked off the cisgender options and excluded transgender and non-binary individuals from their hypothetical dating pool,” Blair wrote in a 2019 piece published by Psychology Today.

Of all respondents, straight men and women were more likely to refrain from entering the idea of dating a transgender person.

“Individuals identifying as bisexual, queer, trans, or non-binary were most likely to indicate a willingness to date a trans person,” the original study found.

So why are so many outspoken about trans women being real women or referring to individuals by the gender they choose to identify as? The answer is simple, most people just want to err on the side of kindness and respect, even if it goes against what they think is the truth.