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The Unfounded Panic About Incels

By Naama kates

An incel is a person (usually a man) that is involuntarily celibate and as a result feel resentment towards those that are sexually active.

Elliot Rogers and Alek Minassian are self confessed incels who carried out acts of murder because of their resentments. However, there are plenty of other self confessed incels, numerous forums and groups on the internet. Is the idea that incels are likely to inflict violence to women a fake media narrative?

There is no evidence that participation in these forums or exposure to “incel ideology” leads to real-world violence. In fact, a new study forthcoming in the January issue of the Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare (JICW), which surveyed 274 self-identified active incels, suggests that it does not.

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