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Modern Female Empowerment Amounts to Being Like A Man

From the Quillette article written by N.Russell

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

For all the talk about toxic men and the destruction men have caused, especially white men to other races, genders, and the environment, why is it that for a woman to be powerful, strong, and successful she is encouraged to take on all the characteristics those men had.

You see this often in media where the 'boss girl' is celebrated for being mean, tough, sticking to her point of view, never being wrong, and even willing to step on those below her to get to the top. Traits that have been described as toxic masculinity. Additionally, in areas where men have dominated, such as media forms that encourage solving problems through violence or sexual conquest, the way to empower women is not to promote another type of art that promotes other valuable characteristics like humbleness, loyalty, caring and maternity, we instead push and celebrate a woman kicking ass like men, killing like men, blowing things up like men and sleeping around like men.

From the article written by N.Rusell,

When I think about the empowerment stories we celebrated in my granola school, almost all of them shared that same theme—a free-thinking girl rejects the shallow, repressive trappings of femininity, so she can do something that’s actually worthwhile—i.e., something masculine. Our heroes weren’t “Girl Who Did X Really Well.” They were almost invariably “First Girl to do X Boy Thing.” Rejecting femininity was a moral triumph in itself.

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