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Mask Requirements For 'The Help' Is Harming Recruitment

By Dan Sanchez writing for Fee Stories

On Monday night's gala, pictures of a maskless Hillary Clinton having the helm of her dress being adjusted by a masked 'help' went around the internet.

From the article,

Double standards around enforcement of and compliance with Covid policies and norms have been rife since the rise of the disease. Even now, with lockdowns and mask mandates ended, the class divides such policies created still linger. While diners, shoppers, and now travelers are generally free to show their faces, the workers who serve them are still required to “mask up,” as if they are "unclean" or otherwise "beneath" the customers they serve. The caste distinction on stark display in that photo of Clinton and her attendant can now be seen in many places of business. Masks are becoming a mark of servitude, adding embarrassment and tension to what would normally be a mutually respectful relationship between service providers and customers. And while “the help” is being humiliated in this way, service industry employers are struggling more than ever to find workers.

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