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March For Life President Jeanne Mancini Speaks To The Daily Wire About The Pro-Life Movement

By Charlotte Pence Bond writing for The DailyWire

The 2022 March for Life is scheduled to take place on Friday, January 21st, in Washington, D.C. Pro-life activists from all over the country gather at the nation’s capital to protest against the culture of abortion in the United States. The theme for this year’s march is “Equality Begins in the Womb.”

Mancini said,

It’s not clear exactly how many people will attend, but typically there are well over 100,000 people who come to participate. With the COVID-19 complications, there could be fewer this year. However, with a pending Supreme Court decision and the inability for people to get together last year in the same format, the numbers could be even larger than they have been in the past.

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