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Let's Talk About Sex Education

By Shonagh Dillon writing for The Critic

From the article,

Relationship and Sex Education classes for children are being taken over by outside providers with their own agenda. I got a letter from my children’s school stating that Relationship and Sex Education would be delivered by an external provider, I immediately looked them up on the internet. Scrolling down their Instagram page, I discovered that the organisation which would be running sessions with my 11-year-old daughter was promoting “world hand job day”. Scrolling down their page, I also discovered that there is a National Lingerie Day (who knew), where children are invited to celebrate the fact that “some people choose to wear lingerie for lots of different reasons” — the associated hashtags were #MensHealth and #MensSexualHealth. I assume this is advocating for kink practices or perhaps the fetish of Autogynephilia — where men are sexually aroused by the thought of themselves as female.

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