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Labour's Movement To Decolonise Nurseries

By Charlie Peters writing for spiked

From the article,

Do children under five need to be directed away from the ‘violence of whiteness’? This is just one of the suggestions from a consultancy firm called the Black Nursery Manager, run by former nursery teacher Liz Pemberton. According to a recent Telegraph exposé, the Black Nursery Manager has been hired by four Labour-run public authorities to give diversity training to nursery staff, with the aim of ‘decolonising’ their minds and ‘decolonising the play spaces’. The firm’s Twitter account has warned that ‘the violence of whiteness’ starts from an early age. The training sessions have attracted plenty of criticism. Anti-racist group Don’t Divide Us has described this infiltration of diversity teaching into nurseries as ‘Maoist’. Others have decried this use of taxpayer money for woke activism. Meanwhile, much of the nursery sector has come out in Pemberton’s defence. But should young children really be encouraged to discuss their differences?

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