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It's Not Right vs Left - It's Working Class vs Elitist Contempt

By Charles Stallworth writing for Newsweek

They tell us a lot that we're living through a time of intense political polarization. You often hear politicians and pundits calling this the most divided time in American history since the Civil War. But for me and my fellow blue collar workers, it's clear that the real divide is not political or racial. It's about class. It's the blue collar vs. white collar class divide that has never been bigger. One of the main things that I hear from my fellow tradesmen is how the elite and white-collar professional class don't care about or respect the blue collar working class. This disrespect comes out in many ways, big and small. But you can hear it a lot in the political rhetoric coming out of the progressive side these days. It was there in the COVID conversation, how work-from-home white collar folks pushed for endless lockdowns and vaccine mandates, to be imposed on the working class whose labor they relied on to stay home. It's there in the way they talk about a universal basic income instead of high-paying trade jobs, and in the way they push for low-wage green jobs instead of union energy jobs.

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