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It's Fine To Be Straight

From an UnHerd article written by Gareth Roberts

There's a need in modern society to be different, being what has historically been classed as 'normal' is seen as privileged and therefore wrong. 57% of respondees to a recent survey from Gallup identified as non-hetero. A few things can be happening here, either this was always the case, but people concealed their sexuality due to social stigma. Or this is the far more likely scenario, in my opinion — heterosexuals are becoming socially embarrassed by their heterosexuality and trying not to be déclassé. Finally, perhaps the definition of what it means to be non-hetero has changed.

From the article,

As a gay man — I know that awful phrase is usually followed by irrelevant twaddle, but please bear with me. Today, heterosexuals are an endangered species. A recent survey uncovered that 21% of young adults (born between 1997 and 2003) in America identify as “LGBTQ+”. It also reported the frankly incredible stat that the number of self-identifying non-heterosexuals in the American population as a whole has doubled since 2012, from 3.5% to 7.1%. It is, of course, vanishingly unlikely that a fifth of a population has turned spontaneously away from heterosexuality overnight. The rise of the insubstantial concepts of TQ+, which have little to do with sexual orientation but have been bolted on to LGB for some reason, obviously accounts for some of this. “Queer” is a particularly slippery category; it now seems to include anything from straight chaps wearing eyeliner to straight girls dyeing their hair shocking pink. Thus, it has elevated attendees of a Rocky Horror night or a Depeche Mode concert to the status of a persecuted minority.

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