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Is Time Real?

By Sam Baron, Associate professor, Australian Catholic University writing for The Conversation

What is time? The idea behind time travel movies is akin to someone pressing the rewind or forward button on the remote control. Many who envisage time travel present the idea that time is a physical thing, like a conveyer belt you can just go over to a point in it.

But is time real, or is it just a way human beings conceptualise our existence, a way to position our actions and history in the universe? It's why we have clocks and calendars after all.

Developments in physics suggest the non-existence of time is an open possibility and one that we should take seriously.

From the article,

While physics might eliminate time, it seems to leave causation intact: the sense in which one thing can bring about another. Perhaps what physics is telling us, then, is that causation and not time is the basic feature of our universe. If that’s right, then agency can still survive. For it is possible to reconstruct a sense of agency entirely in causal terms.

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