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Increasing Food Prices Could See Russia Gain More Influence

By Philip Pilkington writing for The Post

Increasing food prices will lead to instability and political revolutions that will benefit the likes of China and Russia.

From the article,

The Arab Spring revolutions were seized on by the Western powers to destabilise important strategic regions allied with our enemies. Most famously, they eventually led to the Syrian Civil War. Assad’s government in Syria was a close ally of Moscow and many hoped the civil war could be used to overthrow him and install a leader who would align with the West. President Putin’s military intervention on the side of Assad foiled that plan. This time, however, there is reason to think that potential revolutions might work in Russia’s favour, not ours. And unlike when the Arab Spring kicked off, we are currently in a world where geopolitical realignment is already taking place, with Russia and China forming an alliance with the seeming intention to create a new world power bloc.

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