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In Defence Of Wokeness

By Tomiwa Owolade writing for UnHerd

We need to adjust to the new reality, not doing so will only lead to disaster. Since the end of the second world war, the average length of an international war is 6 months, whilst the average length of a civil war is seven years. Battles against those within our nation tend to be worse and deadlier.

From the article,

Questions such as: what is a woman, how should we examine our past, how we should think about race in an increasingly diverse society, and how we should think about free speech and tolerance are all absolutely key for trying to make sense of the nature of public discourse today and in the future. They ultimately boil down to the question of who we are, and what we should do about it. This conflict will not disappear. Woke is here to stay; even if you flinch at using the word. We have to adjust ourselves to this reality.

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