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Hypergamy, A Traditional Relationship Practice That's Still Relevant Today

By Alicia Lue writing for Women's Health

Hypergamy is the act or practice of courting or marrying a person of a higher socioeconomic or social class than oneself. Translation: Dating or marrying up. Overwhelmingly, Women tend to want to marry up, whilst it's generally understood that a man would usually prefer to marry down or not care about the woman's status at all as long as he finds her physically and sexually attractive.

Hypergamy has been used by women to marry up throughout time, especially considering men were expected to work whilst women stayed home and in many cases weren't allowed into high paying professions. so their financial security was very dependant on the man they married.

Despite the many changes and progress made in modern society, Hypergamy is still something practised by the majority of women.

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