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Humans Need God - It's In Our Nature

I've always believed that Human beings are by nature subservient. We look for authority and want to be guided. We want something to admire, look up to, and even worship.

This idea is explored further by research carried out by the American Psychological Association.

As someone who regularly attended church as a young boy, I'm often struck by the parallels between Churchgoers, concert audiences, and sports fans.

From knowing when to rise and sit in unison, singing anthems, knowing how and when to respond in unison, to hero-worshiping the person on stage and the spiritual experience they all get from being in groups of like-minded individuals watching what they truly believe to be something greater than themselves. They are also willing to fight or put down any other group they see as rivals, they dismiss logic and see no fault in their own group, mostly choosing to lay all fault and wrongdoing on their rival.

Also like Churchgoers, sports fans and celebrity fans put a person or group of people into a god-like position, as above themselves and any other human.

For the most part, it's harmless, it's just fun after all. But, worryingly the other area that I see parallels with the church is in politics or anything linked to politics, and the same observations I made earlier apply.

The religious God and getting together to act in worship to that God is something I believe humans desire. However, the idea of God and organized religion is becoming less popular especially among the younger generation, but that natural desire remains. we simply replace God and Church with something else.

I was prompted to write this short article when I saw the following video:

In the Bible, God told the people, "You shall have no other gods before me." The Bible often mentions God being a jealous God. I used to question why, it didn't make sense to me as I never thought there was much danger for a Christians suddenly turning Muslim or Buddhist. As an adult, I think I understand why God was so worried.