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How Politics Becomes A Team Sport

By Katherine Cross writing for WIRED

From the article,

“ELON, I THANK you for taking humanity to another level and I hope that you will take us further,” wrote a man in Elon Musk’s DMs recently. Elon Musk's fandom casting him as Warhammer 40k Tech-Priest or, more distressingly, as being akin to David Bowie, abounds. But aside from producing what we might term consequential cringe, it’s part of a larger phenomenon that no one, of any political persuasion, is immune to. It is a form of civic fan fiction, operating quite similarly to online fandoms with their penchant for dramatic extremes and crusades against dissenters; for liberals, such fandoms have surrounded Robert Mueller, Anthony Fauci, or the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And in every case, it collapses space for meaningful political action into a kind of team sport that thrives on the very platform Musk seeks to turn into a personal playground.

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