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How Much Would A 'Made In America' iPhone Cost?

By Mark J.Perry writing for Fee Stories

There are several ethical considerations and issues that come with having products made in thrid world countries. However, it's pretty obvious that the cost of doing so means that we in the west are able to enjoy 'more affordable' prices for luxury items.

How much would an all-American iPhone cost? About $2,000 according to two reports, one recent and one from 2014.

From the article,

Apple, Inc. has a responsibility to its shareholders and consumers to produce and sell its products at the lowest price in a hyper-competitive global marketplace. Large multi-national corporations like Apple, although many are headquartered in the USA, operate in global marketplaces for inputs, parts, production, and sales and have to operate with a global mindset to be competitive and remain in business. To force those global companies like Apple to operate within Trump’s nationalistic and mercantilist view of the global economy is a sure formula for impoverishing America and its multi-national corporations, not a formula for any kind of American greatness.

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