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How Michelle Obama's Knitting Got Kirsty Glass Cancelled

By Kathrine Jebsen Moore writing for The Critic

Michelle Obama said she took up knitting during the lockdown and vogue festured her in the front cover of their 2020/2021 issue. The subject of her knitting was mentioned in the feature.

On the cover of Vogue Knitting, Obama is wearing a black sweater, but it’s not a knitted one. In her video, she chats light-heartedly with 14-year-old Shayna Rose, but she’s not wearing any of her knitted garments or showing them off here either. There are no photos of her knitting in the magazine.

A popular knitter called Kirsty Glass questioned why no one had seen evidence of any of the knitting she had done. For this question Glass was cancelled. She's since deleted her social media accounts and issued an apology.

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