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How Mental Health Education Makes Us Sick

By Clare Rowe writing for Quillette

From the article,

The first quarter of the present century will be marked by the steep rise in poor mental health diagnoses. At every turn, there seems to be another report, or statistic, or warning about Australia’s “silent” problem of poor mental health. Except that it is not so silent. For the last decade, governments around the globe have thrown well-intentioned taxpayer funds towards psychoeducation, namely early intervention and prevention programs, to slow the rate of mental health diagnoses. Instead, the reporting seems so bleak about the current state of the human mind that it appears that we are losing both the battle and the war. With one in five Australians experiencing a mental or behavioural condition each year according to the Bureau of Statistics, young people (aged 16–34) account for almost double the reporting of mental distress than the elderly (aged 65–85).

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