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How Improvements In The Economy Saved Witches

By Chelsea Follett writing for Human Progress

During the Trump presidency, there were stories of witches casting spells on him in order to bring about some form of ill fate. In fact, there is a growing number of feminists turning to the art of witchcraft to cast spells against men.

In countries with higher levels of economic prosperity, witchcraft is booming. However, this can't be said for other regions.

From the Human Progress article,

In August, villagers lynched an alleged witch in one of the poorest parts of India. Earlier this year, Tanzanian widow Ruth Zacaria fell victim to a witch hunt. Her attackers alleged that she prevented their family from being able to afford a particular property by using witchcraft to kill their father, bringing them to financial ruin. One witness to a witch hunt in Tanzania in 2015 described the situation in harrowing detail: “They broke into the house and hacked my wife with machetes and knives. They burned the body of my wife and later set fire on my house.”

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