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Hong Kong Has The World's Highest Covid Death Rate

By Lilian Cheng and Elizabeth Cheung writing for South China Morning Post

Despite the high death rate, experts say factors such as age and unaccounted infectors should be considered.

From the article,

According to database Our World in Data, the seven-day rolling average of Covid-19-related deaths per 1 million people in Hong Kong was 17.8, topping the global chart as of Thursday. Latvia came in second, with 10.71, and Georgia ranked third at 9.05. Hong Kong’s rate based on this overall calculation was much higher than that of some developed nations. For example, the mark in South Korea was 2.22, Singapore’s was 1.94, and Britain 1.67, although experts cautioned other factors such as an ageing population and low vaccination rates ought to be factored in. Doing so – such as breaking the figure down by age bands – could present a more accurate picture of fatalities.

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