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Heterosexual 'Queer' Is the New Fad

By Gareth Roberts writing for spiked

From the article,

Homosexuality has become so popular among a certain section of heterosexuals that they are desperate to join in, only without any of the icky matching-genitalia sex stuff. For now they can be queer! So, dear heterosexual ‘queers’, I’d like you to do two things for me. First, imagine if white people blacked themselves up, called themselves the n-word and rewrote the history and culture of black people (in all its myriad manifestations over thousands of years) to be in line with portrayals in 19th-century minstrel shows. Second, bugger off, bugger off further than that, and then keep buggering off. (But don’t worry – you won’t have to do any actual buggering.)

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