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‘Healthy’ American Sisters Die By Assisted Suicide at Swiss Suicide Clinic

Around the View

Sisters Lila Ammouri age 54 and Susan Frazier age 49 who died by assisted suicide in Switzerland had been healthy presumably healthy and to those who knew them, they seemed happy prior to their death.

Their brother told The Independent he last spoke to his sisters a few weeks before they traveled to Switzerland on 3 February, and there were no signs that they were going to end their lives.

The legalisation of assisted suicide is never going to stop, it'll expand, especially as more and more people view it as a compassionate action. It's already the law in Germany thanks to a court ruling creating a constitutional right to a “self-determined death,” with help from anyone, at any time, and for any reason.

Assisted suicide is already seen by some as a human right, and their voices will grow louder. I predict that this topic will become one of the next fronts for the ongoing culture war.