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Glamorising Divorce

By Freya India writing for The Spectator

These days, divorce is seen as just another form of self empowerment. ‘This Valentine's day, let’s hear it for divorce,’ wrote Vogue in February, while The Guardian recently discussed ‘the joy of divorce parties’, from smashing wedding rings to pummelling heart-shaped piñatas. Elsewhere we hear about the lavish and liberating lifestyles of divorcées: ‘Botox? No, it’s my post-divorce glow,’ declares one headline, followed by ‘far from tragic, we divorcées are going to festivals, travelling with friends and taking on toy boys.’ Divorce must not be seen as a tragedy, it seems; instead it's a cause for celebration, a much deserved do-over. It’s a harmless and healthy decision that, according to one New York Times essay, is a 'radical act of self love' that can leave ‘the whole family better off’. Its effects on children are downplayed, if discussed at all. ‘I didn’t divorce my husband because I didn’t love him, I divorced my husband because I loved myself more,' asserts the mother of two who penned the New York Times piece. Divorce is a fact of modern life. But it's not a cost-free form of self reinvention. Of course, there are times when divorce is the right decision for a family. Certainly in cases of abuse and constant conflict. But should we glamorise it?

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