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Fear Fuels Wokery

By Patrick West writing for Spiked

Authoritarian systems are historically defined as governments using force to infringe on the rights of individuals. As a result, many argue that wokery and the subsequent 'cancellations' that can occur as punishment for not subscribing is not authoritarian by nature, because government isn't involved. It's private companies acting as they want and making their own decision, in fact forcing private companies to not act woke and not punish in accordance is authoritarian.

Wokery is not about government infringing on the citizen, wokery is about citizens infringing on the rights and lives of fellow citizens without the direct aid of government.

Patrick West writing for spiked argues that wokery thrives on fear,

There is no need for wokery to be enforced. Institutions are conspicuously woke because they are terrified not to be. They preempt censure, calling out and public shaming with precautionary, exaggerated and insincere displays of wokery.

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