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Everyone Will Get Omicron

By Jonathan Kay writing for Quillette

We're not living in 2020 any longer. A majority of individuals are vaccinated, with many thousands getting supported each day. In addition, Omicron is presently known to be a milder illness that presents moderately little danger of death, or even hospitalization, for the people who aren't unvaccinated or immunocompromised.

The fear isn't that you'll die from Omicron, but the anxiety has switched to the impact of lockdowns. Such as the effects on children who miss school and not being able to see loved ones.

Jonathan writes about why he believes it's time to move on with life and away from draconian lockdown policies. He states,

And yes, in some cases, that will mean families having frank conversations about whether it makes sense for everyone to get the disease all at once, and so quarantine together, rather than a drawn out process whereby each gets it one by one. By way of example, I might note, my own family had exactly this kind of candid conversation a few days ago. Different views were shared, though I don’t feel comfortable disclosing which prevailed. Suffice it to say that I’m typing these words from the basement, alone, waiting patiently for my dinner to be placed at the door.

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