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Don't Throw Milk Away Too Soon

By Cath Rees. Professor of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Sutton Bonington Campus, University of Nottingham.

Did you know that about one-third of the food produced globally every year never gets eaten. This waste often occurs along the supply chain before the food even reaches us. But consumers who throw away food because it’s gone bad, or because they think it may have gone bad, are also responsible for a large proportion of food waste.

Wasting food is bad for the environment and is also bad for your pocket. Recently Morrison Supermarket decided that it will start using 'best before' dates on milk as opposed to 'use by' date. The market chain says it could save up to seven-million pints of its own-brand milk from being wasted per year.

The best-before date is the manufacturers’ best estimate of how long the milk should last in the fridge before you can detect any spoilage, either by smell, taste, or both.

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