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🎧 Do You Want To Live In Japan? You'll Probably Hate It.

From Mrs Eats YouTube channel

The cultural iceberg theory was proposed in 1976 by Edward T. Hall. Imagine the culture of one country to be an iceberg. At the top of the iceberg, the part you can see is the material aspect of the culture. The part that's often advertised and seen in media. Usually, the part that tourists can enjoy for a week or two during their holidays. The part under the ocean, the part you don't see is the non-material culture. things like their views on work ethic, raising a family, discrimination, sexual access, and more. These are the parts that often impact the quality of the day to day life.

Japan is a country that is often viewed as a great place to live by many westerners. Japan's gaming culture, media, cosplay, and cuisine are very attractive to outsiders. However, the two videos below from Mrs Eats explain why you'll (especially as a westerner) probably hate living in Japan.

Part 1

Part 2