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Did The Online Right Cancel One Of Its Own?

By Mary Harrington writing for UnHerd

Cancel culture is often conflated with the left, however Jack Murphy - a so called 'masculinity coach' has recently being cancelled by the right for being a 'cuck'

a 'cuck' is a man that is happy to watch his partner have sex with another individual or lets his partner entertain sexual interests from others with or without his permission.

Mary Harrington details how jack Murphy has been cancelled by the right. However it's worth questioning if Jack Murphy's case is cancellation.

As many of the comments on the article have noted, the left own a majority of the social, media and educational power structures, so they have the power to get people fired and banned from platforms. In the case of Jack Murphy, information came to light that what he was teaching and charging people to learn from him isn't how he lived his life as a result his customers and fan base have reacted negatively. Most haven't called for his removal from social platforms or to for his firing.

Cancellation and negative reactions to what someone has done is often conflated.

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