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Criminally stupid

By Alex Story writing for The Critic

Are you right, in the interest of society, in compelling people to be vaccinated, or is it the individual’s right to refuse to be vaccinated, to have liberty of judgement as to whether he should be vaccinated or not, to prevail?

Josiah Wedgwood, Liberal MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme, asked this question in the House of Commons during the second reading of the Feeble-Minded Persons Control Bill on 17 May 1912.

This same debate over a century later is being revisited as we discuss whether mandated vaccinations should be brought into law. Several governments have already brough into laws that force individuals to be vaccinated, or otherwise lose certain privileges and even rights such as freedom of movement.

The view of a lot is that for the safety of the mass and to protect society from the selfishness and stupidity of the individuals who do not want to be vaccinated, they should be forced against their will.

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