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Climate Doomism

By Alex Trembath writing for Arc Digital

Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash

One the one hand, I agree with climate blogger David Roberts, who gently criticized Degroot’s piece, writing that “‘doomism’ is similar to ‘degrowth’ in that I encounter people criticizing it FAR more often than I encounter the actual thing.” And it’s true that arguments like that of Jonathan Franzen, who wrote in 2019 that “We need to admit that we can’t prevent [the climate apocalypse],” are relatively rare.
On the other hand, I think Roberts (and, to an extent, Degroot) draw too tight a circle around the concept of doomism. One need not throw up their hands and resign to inevitable climate cataclysm to engage in doomism. On the contrary, if you look for it, doomism really is all around us.

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