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Cancel Culture Only Hurts The Powerless

By Zaid Jilani writing for Persuasion

So Joe Rogan might lose his podcast deal with Spotify, Jimmy Carr or Dave Chappelle might never get another Netflix special and Whoopi Goldberg might not be on The View for a few weeks. But these guys still have their millions, their fans (mostly), and more opportunities than any 'normal' person can dream of.

The real victim of cancel culture is the average person who doesn't have the money, fame, and power to offset the attacks.

Chappelle himself made light of those who criticised him, telling an audience in October, “If this is what being canceled is like, I love it.”

The impact of cancel culture is on the normal individuals who can no longer speak freely, can lose their jobs even if they apologise for mistakes and as a result are censored and made to act accordingly.

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