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Calvin Robinson - Is it Possible To Reform The Church?

By Calvin Robinson writing for the Mallard

To some degree I’ve always felt that the Church of England needs people like us on the inside, pushing it back in the right direction, and that means as servers, as priests, in every role, we need more people that are small-c conservative. That means conservative theologically as well as politically and that’s important. However, I’m now coming more to the conclusion that this is a bit of a “Remain” argument: do we reform from within? I don’t know if it’s entirely possible just because they are the gatekeepers and they’ve already marched through the institution. They’ve taken it over. All of the Bishops now at this point are these so-called “liberal progressives” and there’s no way in. There’s no way in, they’ve made it a club, and that’s not what it was supposed to be about. The people appointing the Bishops are liberal progressives too, and so, even if there are a few conservative vicars within the Church, they have to keep silent, they have to keep quiet if they want to keep their job, and their stipend depends on it. There’s a massive disconnect between the clergy and the congregations as a result.

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