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Anti-Abortionists Will Still Help Loved Ones Get An Abortion

By John Anderer writing for Study Finds

A study published in the journal Science Advances finds that 2 in 5 people against abortions would still give a loved one a lift to the clinic if they needed it.

From the article,

Importantly, the research team stresses that while the general findings of the study indicate many Americans would be willing to “help,” the exact definition of that help varied quite a bit from respondent to respondent.
Individuals engage in discordant benevolence (such as helping with an abortion despite personal moral beliefs), they usually convince themselves they’re doing the “right thing” using three mental strategies. The first is that their particular friend or family member is worthy of help despite their moral “mistakes or imperfections.” The second is that loved ones “get a pass” precisely because they are friends or family, and the third is that other people make independent moral decisions.

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