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A Future World Without Money - A Dream Or Dystopian

By John Hersey and Thomas Walker-Werth writing for Fee Stories

In Star Trek: First Contact, Captain Picard explains to a 21st-century visitor, “The economics of the future is somewhat different. You see, money doesn’t exist in the 24th century.”

Yusaku Maezawa, a multibillionaire who recently traveled to space echoed Picard's words when he stated that in the future everyone's bank accounts will be zero and everything will be free. even expensive cars, boats, and houses. we would just turn up and take whatever we want.

The fashion tycoon stated that capitalism should be replaced by a money-free society as soon as possible. He plans to make a film that will explain this view. a film that'll likely cost money to make and probably charge citizens to watch.

A worker owns the values he produces, on which his life depends, either directly or indirectly via the sale of those values. Without money, the value of the work disappears. Without money, the house, cars, food, services would not exist Why? Because why would a worker spend hours making the house, growing the food, or serving in a shop if there is no value to it? if the worker does not need to work and can simply go into a shop and pick up an expensive car for free, pick up his food without the need to pay, or live in a house without the need to pay any bills, why would he work?

Hersey and Walker-Werth both believe that, the idea of a society without money,

Is an idea hardly fit even for science fiction, one best relegated to the dystopian genre.

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