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Around the View is the place to find the most important news and opinions from around the internet. Our primary focus is on non-mainstream and independent outlets. Instead of browsing through numerous sites, subscribe to receive, videos, podcasts news, and opinion from around the internet in one place.

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Around the view is the best online news aggregator and the place to find the most interesting articles, opinions, thought-provoking conversations, videos, podcasts, and important news from around the internet.


We are driven by the idea of sharing alternative points of view on topics ranging from politics, culture, social issues, technology, health, relationships, philosophy, religion, science, important news, and more.


Our posts are carefully curated and updated daily. Unlike other news aggregator sites, we don't do trending and do not post every news from every source for the sake of clicks. Our intention is to expose you to interesting articles and fascinating discussions, opinions, and news topics that you hopefully want to learn more about and that you might otherwise not have seen in the mainstream. Therefore, we choose to focus more on independent news sources and promote alternative news sources.